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My Birthday

*Warning* This post was not intended to make any sense

Before you get too excited let me tell you that I’m not going back to blogging just yet.

I’m just blogging about my birthday.

Instead of writing a big excuse on why I’m doing this, why don’t you all pretend it makes sense and that your all cool with it?

It will be easier (for me) that way 🙂

:The morning of my Birthday:

I opened my gifts early before Dad had to go to work.


There I am wearing the hat that;

Has Nathan convinced they were giving it out for free at the store. Because “no one in their right mind would buy it”

Luke thinks it’s too big for my head and that I really  should wait a few more years until I get smarter and if fits me better to wear it.

And it’s also the hat that Autumn tells everyone “it looks way better” on her.

Yeah, that hat.


Luke was really excited about my birthday.

So much so he could hardly stay awake during the opening of gifts.


Autumn tied the knot on this bag really tight and so I had trouble opening it.

She says it’s because I’m “just a weakling”.

But I know it’s because she didn’t want me to have purse inside.

She’s like that.

img_2262And here is the purse that Autumn didn’t want me to have.

The amazing, wonderful purse I’m in love with.

Well, one of them.

:Afternoon of my Birthday:

I went out for ice cream with my friends


The week before my birthday I had been keeping on eye on the weather. I had planed a trip to Ben& Jerry’s for some ice cream with some of my friends so I really wanted it to be sunny. But the forecast called for sunny and warm all week expect for my birthday.

But I still had high hopes knowing that the weather here is impossible to predict.

It rained really hard the morning of my birthday.

My brothers thought that was really funny.

I did not.

But around 3:00 the sky begun to clear up and my friends and I (brave souls that we are)  started out on the trek to B&J.

By the time we got there and were served our ice cream the sun was out shinning. We happily eat our ice cream in the warm sunshine.

And this is a picture of all of us; Happy in the sun 🙂

And I would like to thank the sun for honoring us with his presence.

You made my day.

sany0176 My Dear Blogreaders,

Meet George, aka my personal enemy. He has the most annoying voice ever and is *so* commanding.

I hate him.

Which is why it makes no sense at all why I like this picture so much. I’m also really surprised it come out so clear considering I was walking away from him and talking about how much I hate him when I was taking this picture.

Your probably asking yourself  “how does he have anything to do with your birthday??”.

Just trust me when I tell you, he does. I would explain but I can stand to talk about him anymore right now.

Maybe some day I’ll explain.

But for now, your just going to have to take my word for it.


Waiting for my cake


My mom tells me that when I was little I LOVED my tongue and use to play with it all the time.

I guess I never grew out of that.


Luke told me he really likes this picture.

He thinks it’s “pretty cool looking”

I think it’s strange.

People are always telling me Luke is strange.

I never believed them.

Until now.


I look like I’m planing something really evil in this picture.

That would probably be becasue I was.

At that one moment I was having a battle within myself.

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to throw cake at someone.

And Nathan was sitting right next to me.

I could imagine just how much delight it would give me to throw cake at him.

I could also imagine how much trouble I would get into.

So with every ounce of self control I have inside of myself I made myself sit quietly while my family sang the happy birthday song and then next I blew out the candles.

But the urge was even greater now.

I could hardly control myself.

He was sitting right next to me.

Looking the other way.

But once I again I manged to control myself.

I’m still not sure how I manged to do that, but I did.

I still want to throw cake at someone. So if your having a cake throwing party invite me.

Pretty Please.

I ended the wonderful day with an evening of eating leftover ice cream and cake with Nathan, Luke and Autumn as we watched Gladiator. I knew that if I left to get my camera and take pictures there wouldn’t be any ice cream left for me.

And quite frankly, I would rather have ice cream then pictures.

So ended a fabulous day.

And a pretty ok year.

I’m now ready to have the best year I’ve ever had.

Time to say Goodbye!

Yep, I’m quitting this blog for now. I decided it a couple weeks ago. I have been blogging for almost two years now and I have loved every little part of it. In fact I probably loved it too much which is why I have decided to take a break from it. Life for me has been a lot busier now and there always seems like there is something that needs to be down and blogging is kinda distracting for me. During the day I’m always on the look out for a subject for a good post and when I find it I roll the story over and over in my mind till I have come up with something good and then I have to type it out and edit it. So most of the day in my mind I’m thinking about a blog post when I really could be thinking about something much more important. I know there’s a way to blog without it talking over your life but I haven’t found it yet and until I find it I won’t  be blogging. It may be six mouths it may be a year or two.  I know I will miss blogging a lot but I hope that will drive me to get my days more organized. But I won’t be completely off the face of earth (or Internet) I will still be posting the “young maiden’s daybook” on  Feeling Feminine each Monday and I hope to be able to start Typewrote Misquote e-mag soon as well as posting pictures every now and then on our family’s blog. I also will still be reading all your blogs and commenting 🙂

So for now, good bye all!


I have always been told

That at one point in my life I would fall in love. And it’s happened. I came across this picture and one look was enough. I love it. And another big plus is that I would at last have a good  reason to carry around a one of those really awesome huge purses! 😀


My little geeks

Yesterday morning I was doing laundry and making my bed when I heard Peter screaming my name. Unlike Hanni he doesn’t normally do that so I ran to him only to find he standing with Hanni in front of the big window in the living room with a very concerned look on his face – “ELLIE, there’s a guy outside in that car and he’s stealing our Internet!” Sure enough there was a guy in a black car in front of our house with his laptop open “stealing our Internet”. My first thought was “how in the world does a eight year old who it takes ten minutes to tell you the answer to 5×5 understand wi-fi?” But that wasn’t Hannis first thought she told me that I should go and “chase him off” (Because we all know he would be so scared of what I might do to him) Peter answered her by saying “She cant do that because  it’s not against the law to steal someones Internet but when I become President the first thing I am going to do is make it against the law to steal other people’s Internet”. You do that Peter.

And for now you must be so proud, Silas to have a little brother following you in your footsteps.sdc13741

All about books

It’s a new year and  I have begun to make my yearly “books to read”  list.

Last year I didn’t really read as much as I normally do but the books I did read were some of the best books I have ever read.

Some of the best ones were;

Don’t waste your life – by John Piper

Crunchy Cons – By Rod Dreher (not that I agree with everything in this book but I found it very humorous! )

Do hard things – by the Brett and Alex Harris

And of course : Herodotus Histories – by Herodotus 😉

This year I plan on reading:

  • Thucydides
  • Xenophon, The Persian Expedition
  • Plato: Euthyphro, Apology
  • Plato: Republic
  • Plato: Timaeus,
  • Aristotle: Metaphysics
  • Aristotle: Poetics
  • (Now on the in interesting books 🙂 )
  • When I don’t desire God how to fight for joy – by John Piper (“Piperson” as my little sister calls him:)
  • Let the nations be glad – By John Piper
  • Jane Eyre – by Charlotte Bronte. I really didn’t like the movie/s of this book so I have put off reading this book but as I really enjoyed other Bronte novels and as it is a classic I’m going to push my prejudiced thoughts aside and read it. I am also ashamed to admit that I don’t think I have ever finished a single book by Charles Dickens ( I’ve watched a lot of the movies  – does that count?) I think I am going to start with “A tale of two city’s”  I have heard a lot of people say that was their favorite one and that it’s not nearly as strange as his other books.
  • Stepping Heavenward- by Elisabeth Prentiss. I have read already read this book half a dozen times but it’s one of those books that I like every year.

I am ashamed to admit that I don’t think I have ever finished a single book by Charles Dickens ( I’ve watched a lot of the movies  – does that count?) I think I am going to start with “A tale of two city’s”  I have heard a lot of people say that was their favorite one and that it’s not nearly as strange as his other books.

And during the year I always find other books to read. So, what was you faviorte book you read last year?


….It just sounds boring when I talk about it. Which is why I have had the  lack of posts this past mouth. It seems the busier and the more things I have going on in my life the less things I have to post about. I really don’t feel like explaining that right now so please for my sake let’s all pretend it makes perfect sense and move on.

Yesterday was Hannis birthday – she is six years old now. We didn’t do anything huge but she did go out to breakfast with Mom and Dad yesterday morning but of course she couldn’t eat a thing and was puzzled by why there was a front of a car hanging on the wall 🙂 For her  birthday present I told her I would take her to Starbucks today and she was so excited! I also found that I am not the only one who likes to people watch. We also went to old navy and Borders. I was disgusted by the lack of decent books in the little kid’s shelves! But we both had a great time anyway.sdc14307

Three days ago I had my hair cut for the first time and I am really pleased with how it turned out. I have been told that I look five years older and also that I look like I ‘m 11 with the new cut; I take that to mean I look the same age 🙂 For all the facebookless people here are some pictures:                                                                                                                   


Aftersdc14202I realize the after picture is strange but I have posted lots of pictures of me smiling and looking like a lady over the years so I just thought it was time for a “real me” picture. Wait, did I just say I wasn’t a lady? I should stop posting now before I say something else like that.


This is a true story

Once upon a time there lived two girls name Jessica and Ellie. Jessica was the oldest in her family and she had a brother and a sister. Ellie was the fifth born in her family and she had six brothers and two sisters. Their family’s first met when they were three and one– it didn’t take long for them to become great friends. Fast forward six years they are better friends then ever despite Jessica strange habit of looking in Ellie’s closet and requesting that when Ellie grow out of a certain article it be given to her but sometimes she couldn’t wait or didn’t trust Ellie to keep it nice so she would buy the same piece of clothing. One day Ellie found a t-shirt at oldnavy which she really liked so she bought it. When Jessica saw it she was so jealous and wanted to know where it was found so she could buy one like it but when she got to oldnavy she couldn’t find it in her size and told Ellie that she might some day steal hers and wear it. Ellie laughed it off knowing that Jessica often said silly things. Months later Jessica was at Ellie’s house for dinner and they were both having a great time. Ellie had to leave the room to do some laundry and when she come back she noticed a stack of laundry which had been on her bed earlier was no longer there but didn’t think much of. That is until the next morning when she was searching for the t-shirt she loved so much. She couldn’t find it anywhere and finely came to the conclusion that her dear friend Jessica had really and truly stolen her shirt. Later when they met up that day a guilty Jessica returned the t-shirt to Ellie and when Ellie returned home she put it in her drawer to save it for the next time she saw Jessica. Later that same day Ellie received a letter for the culprit that she had found the same shirt on a great sale and had bought it. So they both lived happily ever after with each of their own “peace on earth” t-shirts.

The End.

Happy Birthday Jessica!

sdc11166Tomorrow Jessica turns 13. And I just wanted to tell you Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fun day and another great 13 years! But with a pink itouch how could it not be! Right?

Love and hugs,



One of the greatest things about tags are that it gives you something to post when you don’t feel like writing 🙂


1. What is your name: Elspeth
2. A 4 Letter Word: Ellie 🙂
3. A Boys Name: Elisha
4. A Girls Name: Elsie
5. An Occupation: Ear doctor …for the sake of this post let’s all pretend that is a real occupation.

6: A color :Eggplant purple

7. Something you wear: earrings
8. A drink: Eggnog
9. A Food: Entawak
10. Something found in the bathroom:Empty toilet paper roll. These things should only be found in the trash not left for the next person to take care of it!!!!
11. A place: England
12. A Reason for being late: Everyone else was early and just made you look late.

13. Something you shout: “Elisabeth you are so imature!”

I promise that a more orignal post is comeing shortly.


Lately I have noticed that Hanni has been copying things I do and say. It’s hilarious the things she picks up on and then the stuff she doesn’t. Every house needs a five year old!sdc13952

“Ellie when I have my wedding you can be my flower girl if you want, would you like that?”

sdc13946” I just finshed reading the Ilaid and I am going to write a paper on it, I need to do it fast becasue it’s due next week”

sdc13942“When I turn eight I will make dinner for everybody and you can set the table!”

And then my all time favorite:

I was laying in bed last night when Hanni said “Ellie, when you get married I am going to sleep in your bed so don’t take it with you”mailgooglecom2

Year: 2009

Today is first day of year 2009 and traditionally people will likely be posting their new years resolutions. I decided to do something a little bit different and I am going to post about my 12 favorite things in 2008. Oh, and the top three are in order of  the best favorite things but after that I just put things down randomly.

1:  Christ – the center of my world.

2: My family. Which also happens to be my favorite family ever 😀

3: My Church and everyone in it. I really don’t know where to began. We have an awesome Church, the best I have ever been to 😉

4: The great books. This fall I have realized the amazing wonderfulness of these books.

5: My camera. I received my first one in April for my birthday. I am one of those people who has to record every wonderful moment of my life, in video or pictures.

6: My blog. If you are reading this you probably to know of the joys of blogging.

7: Potatoes. I didn’t realize how much I love these little white/brown things that is until I became allergic to them a few months ago. I miss them so much I could write a song about it. Seriously.

8: My bike. They is nothing more fun then riding your bike though town with your hair blowing behind you, that is until a car almost kills you or until a squirrel runs into your path and you kill it. The glamor kinda go’s after that.

9: Laundry. If  it wasn’t for this gross stuff I wouldn’t have a cool name for my blog. It would be called “ellies blog” or something boring like that.

10: My life. Need I say more?

11: Buffalo wings. In the words of Nathan ” there are no words to describe this chocolate pudding (Buffalo wings), it’s just pure wonderfulness”.

12: The Rebelution. Reading the  “do hard things” book ( and John Pipers “don’t waste your life” book) really changed the way I thought about my teenage years. I also now contribute to the team blog Rebelutionaries


The answer is in these videos. If you were not at our house last night or if you don’t go to CTK church then these video might be a little dull, unless you have been wanting to see the inside of our garage for as long as you can remember then you will find these wonderful! Anyways, enjoy or not………

I was disappointed that we didn’t get Louis new word on video but this one is the aftermath of that 😀

I love music videos. I am one of those people who will watch the same one over and over again. Last night I was sitting here at the computer watching some with my sisters. We started off by watching Christian ones like superchick and flyleaf and I noticed that the people, to put it bluntly look like freaks. Seriously you can’t watch this video (I didn’t even bother finishing this one, don’t feel like you have to either. The first few seconds are enough) and then deny it. But still I went on watching all of them thinking that’s just how everybody looks in music videos. At the bottom of our list we had this video by Coldplay. I was surprised! It was the first  non-Christan music video I had watched that day and it was also the only one I had seen that was perfectly clean. The guys looked clean, they didn’t look like freaks, they were dressed modestly, they seemed to being having fun. Yes, I realize that not all Christan videos are like that and I know that there are plenty of non christian music videos which are worse then the Christan ones I posted links to here. There also some great Christan music videos. But these videos reminded me of something I have noticed before. As Christians we are constantly being called names and mocked by non-Christan’s but instead of sucking it up and moving on we change the ways we dress, talk and think trying to appear more (for lack of a better word) appealing to our mockers. And we soon get lost in the lies of world. We become obsessed with trying to see are far we can push the limits and still call ourselves “Christan”, Satan and the world looks on laughing. They set this trap for us and we fell into it once again. We have read Gods law (The Bible) and we know what he requires and the rewards that come with it, yet we are laying on the ground, we are fallen. We know how and we have the means to stand up again, but will we? And where are you? Are you on the ground? Stand tall, stand strong, be different. Because we Christan’s actually have a reason to.

My little town

When driving though California we stopped at lots of towns to use the bathrooms and for lunch. Most of those stops are all blurred together in my mind as one memory of people staring at me (more on that later) and really bad toilet paper. But there is one town which really stands out in my mind the name of which is Tehachapi, “the land of four seasons” . Try saying it a couple times, its fun. I enjoyed every minute we spent in that town. It’s tehachapi_sign1 small population of  10, 957 people makes it small enough to be cute but big enough to not be boring. And it has a drive though Starbucks, so what more could I ask for? The people are much more friendly here then in the rest of California. Who wouldn’t be if you lived it a  town with a awesome name and which had breathtaking Montanans surrounding it all? When we arrived there it was the perfect 72 degrees with just a slight breeze not huge gusts of wind like ridgecrest. A lot of people have asked me where I would like to live if I could live anywhere, my answer was always “it doesn’t matter as long as it is in the united states”, I have never been one of those girls who wants to move to England and live in an  “Jane Austen town”  I have always been a city girl and the USA suites me fine:) So next time someone asks me where I want to live I will reply “Tehachapi CA” I will then watch as they give me a blank look and I will then tell them all about this wonderful little town that I love. And I was very disappointed that the store we went in to didn’t have a shirt with the town’s name on it.

I loved these blue sky’s! And no, the the sky wasn’t all dirty and gross that’s just the car window:)


The sky didn’t turn out as blue in this one but these are the hills that surrounded Tehachapi.       sdc13559It sounds  insane I am sure for me to write a whole post on one town but once you visit this town you will understand. Even if you don’t get it then….well it won’t be the the first time someone told me I was insane.

What I do all day

I was tagged by Sydney!

~ The Rules ~

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1: Make my bed- I love making my bed!

2: Make myself a cup of either Wild Raspberry or Peppermint tea.

3: Talk a lot about random things.

4: Check my email, facebook and blog.

5: Do laundry.

6: Read my Bible.

7: Sing random songs at random times.

8: Laugh out loud at random times.

9: Take pictures of random things.

10: Be random:)

I now tag:

1: Miss Kes

2: Miss Jessica

3: Miss Autumn

4: Lizzie

5: Mamaduso

Back home again

I am back home again with the feeling that I have just visited every single public restroom in California and that the laundry will never end. I really did have a great time in California and I am so glad we went. Of course I took lots of pictures and videos and I will be posting those shortly but for now I just wanted to say that we got home and I am still alive. And I will leave you with one picture for now. I chose this one becasue they were everywhere in California! We drove by lots of really small towns but no matter how small they all had one of these! They are like starbucks in Oregon!sdc13531

*WARNING* Boring post

Today has been full of packing and other preparations for our trip to ridgecrest CA (“gate way to death valley”) we are taking for our Grandmothers funereal. It is a two day drive for us and we are leaving tomorrow I believe we will be gone for six days and in the mean time I doubt I will be posting here but when we do get back I am sure I will have pictures and story’s as driving in a van with six siblings for two days is anything but uneventful. To make this post not quite so boring and to show a certain someone that I do indeed wear my hair down (occasionally) I am adding this picture that Autumn took for my “mug shot”  and got inside of it by accident. Can you notice something “different” in it? (besides me looking like a total dork that is)



I am bilingual. And no I am not talking about the little Latin I know. I am talking about a language that you probably haven’t heard of before. It’s called “broish”(  I am taking suggestions for a better name). Brothers have a name for being mean and and cruel to their sisters. But that’s not really true, they just have a different way of showing affection then girls do. Big surprise there! If you have older brothers or brothers 15 or older you know what I am talking about. If your brother really does disapprove of what your are doing or saying he is more likely to stare you down and when you finely meet his gaze he will give a shake of the head and sigh and I can tell you that is worse then anything he could possibly say to you.  It’s not uncommon for one of my brothers to walk up to me and say something that to the casual observer might think is derogatory but having lived with young men all my life I have learned to translate the things they say. For example here are a couple sentences that I hear from my brothers quite often.sdc11492

“MAN, your short!” = “I like standing by you because you make me feel more manly”.

“Oh, your making dinner today”= “Oh, good I love it when you make dinner! you never leave out the meat and always put lots of garlic in”.

“ELLIE. Use. Your. Brain!”= “Your argument is so sound I can’t think of anything else to say”.

“That’s some outfit!”= “I really like your new shirt! It looks really good with that skirt”.

I could go on and on but I think you get the point now.  This is just proof once again that guys are just different from us girls and while I am sure my brothers enjoy being guys any girl who has ever wished to be male obviously doesn’t have enough brothers:).n1097597928_30048958_5757

Taking over the world!

No wonder people dont like us, we homeschoolers are so scary!

The modesty matter

Lately there has been much talk and debate of the issue of modesty in the blog world.  It seems that everybody has a different idea and everybody thinks their idea is best and will fight with all they got to prove the other idea wrong. Reading all those posts made me stop and think about the way I dress and why. Looking at pictures of our family it is easy to see that we dress very conservatively and we girls only wear dresses and skirts. (If you think that the rest of this post is going to be telling you that you must dress the way we do, don’t worry, you can keep on reading I promise it is nothing of the sort.) I have noticed that even in groups of girls who agree that we should wear skirts there is quite a debate about how long skirts/dresses must be to be considered modest. I personally don’t see anything wrong with skirts that sit at the knee In fact I don’t think it is a sin at all to wear pants. But my parents  believe that skirts need to  reach the calf to be modest. Which brings me to my point. While the Bible is not clear on how long our skirts or hair (or you could even argue on wearing skirt at all) should be it is very clear on how we girls need and should submit to our our authority figure.

“Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the LORD your God is giving you.”

(Exodus 20:12)

“Honor your father and your mother, as the LORD your God has commanded you, that your days may be long, and that it may be well with you in the land which the LORD your God is giving you.”

(Deuteronomy 5:16)

“Every one of you shall revere his mother and his father, and keep my Sabbaths: I am the LORD your God.”

(Leviticus 19:3)

I know that I am in no sinning by submitting to my parents wishes by wearing long skirts and not cutting my hair. I also know that when I marry my duty will change from my father to my husband, there is no doubt in my mind that he (who ever he is) will have different ways and standards in the way I should dress. Think about it have you ever seen two family’s ( besides Amish or Mennonite and I don’t mean that in a bad way at all) who dress the same way? The reason is because there is no complete set way in the Bible on how to dress.  Sure it says you need to dress and act modestly but I have read the Bible over several times and never have I seen a place were it says “girls must wear long skirts otherwise they are being immodest” God puts into men’s hearts the way he wants them to require their family’s to dress. Not only that but different people see modesty in different ways and there is nothing we can do to change that. Like my mom always told me when I was little “it is between them and God”. God has us dress the way he wants us to dress. But back to my main point about honoring your parents with the way you dress. You very may well be right and your parents may be wrong in the ways you differ on modesty, but is it not even more important to honor your father and mother then be right? They deserve all the respect and honor we can give them. Not only should it be my pleasure to obey them it is my duty. This is a hard and very difficult battle to fight but it is one that is worth it. To tell the truth I am not exactly sure how I should dress or how long my skirts need to be or how long my hair should be but I am sure of something and this is that I need to honor my parents wishes and that is what I am determined to do.